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The Alfa Romeo GT (type 937) is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Alfa Romeo between 2003 and 2010 there were a total of 80,832 units. The Alfa Romeo GT was introduced March 2003 Geneva Motor Show and it came for sale in Italian markets January 2004 was built at the plant in Pomigliano, southern Italy, along with the Alfa Romeo 147 and Alfa Romeo 159.

The Alfa Romeo GT is positioned as a sports car in the range of Alfa Romeo, and sat beside the Brera (which is based on the latest average size Aalpha Romeo 159 car sedan / saloon). Both cars can be seen as successors to the 916-series GTV. Maintaining two medium sized sports coupés in production simultaneously is unusual and the two cars could be construed as being in competition with each other. If Alfa Romeo is viewed as the sporting arm of the larger Fiat group however the move makes more sense: with no sporting Fiat badged cars currently in production, the market arguably had ample room for these two cars, each is adapted to a different niche. Historically Alfa‘s strategy of developing sports cars of its range of sedans / conventional saloon has found much favor among traditional Alfisti, and ensured good sales.

In 2006 Alfa introduced a 1.9 JTD Q2 version with limited slip differential, and also added a new trim level called Black Line. In 2008 Alfa introduced the Alfa Romeo GT Cloverleaf model as a limited edition complete with new trim levels, lowered suspension, body kit, alloy wheels of 18 inches and is only available in the colors black, red or blue alpha. with engines 1.8 L and 2.0 L petrol and 1.9 L Multijet turbo diesel. These models are effectively exhausted and, as such, are well specified.

A few years before the end of production, apart from a diversification of issues for the Italian market, Alfa Romeo decided to issue some particular versions of GT for foreign markets. The Alfa Romeo GT Special Edition 1.9 JTDM 16 (painted in a new red or white) and then mounted to the UK market, following the specific orders of British distributors; Edition 2.0 JTS Run Out (black only), was built in a dozen pieces, with a modified engine (a revised version of the 2000 JTS Pratola Serra) and specific parts (bose audio system connected to USB devices, multimedia and bluetooth – an integrated and then used in the Giulietta approach down absorbent, alfa romeo specific gray-red leather seats signed, large mirrors matte) gathered only for Dutch merchants. For Australia market and the French market the GT was proposed in its Centennial form powered by 1.9 JTDM diesel engine.

Alfa Romeo GT Engines

The 240 hp (177 kW, 237 hp) 3.2-liter V6 offers good overall performance but is prone to torque steer while the 1.9-liter JTD turbodiesel has proven to be a popular choice compared to petrol engine 2.0 liters. The gasoline engine 3.2-liter V6 is positioned as the sports’ option with its large power output and distinctive exhaust sound of Alfa Romeo, unique to the Alfa V6 engine family. The gasoline engine 1.8 Twin Spark it was lifted straight from the 156, is a proven giving respectable power levels while still remaining economic unit. The 2.0L petrol has direct injection and is an improvement on the older petrol engine 2.0L found in the Alfa 156 on which the GT is based, an increase of 15 hp (11.0 kW, 14.8 CV) and better fuel consumption.

The unit of 1.9 L direct injection diesel remains the most popular option, the high power output at low revs gives more of a feeling of power to “normal” highway speeds compared to the 2.0-liter petrol requiring much speed to produce higher peak power output and is best suited to be driven hard. This, combined with the significant increase in fuel consumption (see information below) make the diesel a popular choice. The economy of diesel combined with the power and 6 speed gearbox make it a true GT car with a range of about 600 miles (970 km) per tank at highway speeds.

Alfa Romeo GT Brakes and Suspension

For stopping power, there are 284 mm (11.2 inches) vented front and 276 mm (10.9 inches) at the rear discs. The most powerful version 3.2 V6 is 330 mm (13.0 inches) at the front ventilated discs. The GT is equipped standard with anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and hydraulic brake assist. Despite being a two-door or coupe, the GT does not have a configuration of 2 + 2 seats, but is five places .. This is due to heredity 156, sharing the chassis. The entrance to the rear of a GT is via folding front seats. The GT is actually a door 3 with a rear window that allows access to a large rear cargo area.

Recent technological advances have incorporated as VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), which is the Alpha version of ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) or traction control, EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), ABS, Brake later emergency and Q2 System. The system is limited Q2 highly evolved and efficient Alfa, to improve cornering (especially wet) and transferring power to the wheels slip differential technology. This reduces wheel spin, eliminating torque steer and understeer common to front wheel drive cars.

Details like the camber is set at a negative specification to improve cornering capabilities, like a tracked vehicle, were included. Hardened and modified suspensions compared to 156, thus sacrificing marginally on ride comfort of road holding. Extreme body-hugging, leather seats adjustable minimum lateral movement during hard cornering. All this made ​​the GT appealing to performance-oriented customers.

Alfa Romeo GT Cloverleaf

Alfa Romeo GT Cloverleaf

However, Alfa Romeo luxury with its concept of caged panther integrated to ensure the car was highly equipped, with the standard features like power steering, trip computer, the air conditioning, reverse assist, dual zone climate control, airbags (including bags air “curtain”) passenger with internal sensors to decide remotely which airbags deploy, eliminators frost and side mirrors, cruise control, plus options such as heaters, seat leather interior, CD changer ten, radio controls satellite sensors windscreen for activating the automatic wipers. the combined effect of these specifications created a highly developed, responsive and easy vehicle to handle high speeds and in difficult conditions, so it is safer and more comfortable to drive every days at conventional speeds.

Alfa Romeo GT Cabriolet Concept

A softtop Alfa Romeo GT Cabrio Concept was made by Bertone in 2003, came public April 6, 2011 The car was open four-seater version of the GT coupe, Bertone hoped to get built in its own plant. The Alfa next generation convertible was built by Pininfarina place using the Brera coupe as a base.