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2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo – 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo is a premium compact car with front-wheel drive car, which plays an important role in the long-term performance of the legendary brand in the U.S. market. Alfa Romeo is part of the Italian Fiat Auto to take control of Chrysler Group LLC in 2009 took place, the bankruptcy of American automaker. Currently, the MiTo should start selling in the U.S. in mid-2013 through the dealer network was established that small detail the Fiat 500 small car. It will be scheduled for its U.S. debut this year one of the three Alpha models. The other is an SUV to be named Jeep Compass compact on the last generation and exceptional 4C exotic sports car, a limited edition, high-performance rear-engine.

2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo is the hallmark of luxury sports is famous for, among other things, that the charming roadster Dustin Hoffman in the classic “The Graduate” movie went. Alfa left the U.S. market in 1995, leaving a small group of fans in the hope of his speedy return by more than a decade remained of different programs, none of which succeeded the. The Fiat-Chrysler alliance has promised to stop waiting for the announcement of a comprehensive product suite in April 2010 plan, but CEO Sergio Marchionne then decided to cut out an ambitious expansion plans Alfa worldwide sales and planned their American brand launch at the end of 2012 . The deadline was announced in September 2011, with Marchionne, citing the sovereign debt crisis in Europe as the main factor.

For now, at least can look forward to the 2014 2014 and 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo,  Alfa Romeo 4C are on the way, but about six months late American Alfisiti. In addition, with so many broken promises for so many years, we do not think Alfa is really back in business here until the cars are on the ground and selling.

2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo shares a platform with the Euro-market Fiat Grande Punto hatchback and so far only 2 doors. However, the trade weekly Automotive News reported that the US-spec 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo is a 4-door sedan, possibly on a longer wheelbase. This could mean a major design update or supplement existing again – so what will probably be needed in the middle of the decade to remain competitive model – although we can not be sure that now, with the flow planning Alfa. But we will get a confirmation of this and other problems, so try it with us.

Now in the form of the two-door 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo is about the same size as the Honda Fit 4 doors, but sliced ??and ready to compete with small luxury car brand, especially the 2-door model Mini Cooper. Styling takes exotic tacos V8 Alfa 8C Competizione 2 seats (now canceled) and may not change drastically with a new design wholesale. Like most small cars of the MiTo is designed to accommodate four adults in reasonable comfort, five in a pinch.

2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo will be sold in Europe, with several supercharged 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that powers the Fiat 500 versions. All innovative use Fiat MultiAir valve control, which also has the 900cc two-cylinder engine of the economy called “Twin Air”. In addition, customers can thence 4-cylinder turbo diesel 1.3 and select 1.6-liter sizes. However, we believe that only the 4-cylinder gas come to the United States, probably with a range of 135 and 170 hp, while the outputs can be controlled from the European market levels if it is decided by planners Guaranteed U.S. handling conditions and / or consumer tastes. There is a start / stop fuel-saving system is standard and can be here. Both engines are coupled with a 6-speed manual or recently introduced Fiat TCT dual-clutch transmission, automated manual transmission that can change than a conventional automatic transmission.

2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo Features

The American market Alfa Romeo MiTo 2014 has a current European model 4-wheel independent suspension with four coil springs, front, rear torsion beam and electric shocks adjustable driver’s seat. Wait until most or all of these components again meet with the requirements of the United States needs to be adjusted. The same address is used for the driven, the gas-saving electrohydraulic means instead of the traditional hydraulic pump. The brakes are four disc brakes with ABS and traction control with integrated traction control. Electronic mapping system is secure Alfa DNA is available and may be standard on some models. This enables the driver, the answers powertrain, brakes, steering and suspension modes through Dynamic, Normal and All-weather adjust. Another technical detail level is the Alfa Q2 electronic system that distributes torque between the front wheels to emulate a mechanical limited slip differential (LSD). DSL is similar to “virtual,” available from Volkswagen and other brands.

2014 Alfa romeo Mito Convertible

Security has 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito been designed to better grades in Euro NCAP crash tests to achieve similar U.S. proceedings. As a result, the front of the torso and side curtain airbags standard, knee airbag for the driver and whiplash, minimize the “self-aligning” front head restraints.

Other features are clear on this point, but the United States should be based on the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2014 Euro-market offer more standard equipment and options. The focus is on a large glass roof, Bose audio system with high quality, a navigation system with voice control ‘Blue & Me’ infotainment controller Fiat, which is similar to Ford Sync system and also developed with Microsoft. Like the Fiat 500 would not be surprised three trim levels with the same names used outside to see his: in this case the increase in the basic and mid-range, Distinctive and Quadrifoglio Verde. The latter has been used for a long period of more sporting Alfas and means “four leaf clover”, a part of the brand logo.

2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo Price

$ 28,000 at current exchange rates – the MiTo in the UK sold for $ 19,000. As usual, it is more or less the same dimensions covered base price in the U.S. market from 2011 to 2012 2-door Mini Cooper. Fiat is not surprising given the somewhat weaker than expected U.S. price some 500s would be if he did the same with the Alfa Romeo MiTo 2014, which means very close to those of the current models of the British market could bumpers. However, we understand that we are similar standard content and no intermediate changes that push prices higher or could take – Good Grief – led to a new report.

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2014 Alfa romeo Mito Convertible

2014 Alfa romeo Mito Convertible