2014 Alfa Romeo 159

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2014 Alfa Romeo 159- Available as a sedan and a practical “Sportwagon” domain model, the 2014 Alfa Romeo 159 is outstanding, both in appearance. Despite its growing a bit now, the detailed design is still built a very attractive and much better than its predecessor. Obviously stricter emission regulations is now a choice of petrol engines and one diesel, both of which are turbocharged. Both are very sweet and refined, but do not feel particularly fast. Most competitors offer more interior space and a sharper driving experience.

2014 Alfa Romeo 159 Styling

Few cars are as healthy as 2014 Alfa Romeo 159 and it is not difficult to beautiful exterior details such as the triple headlight lens, seduce leaf-like chrome door handles and molded hood. The interior has also angled a key in the hand with a series of gauges in the center console unit and leather door panels and steering wheel mounted. The entry-level models come tourism alloy wheels as standard, but the motherboard is a gray plastic being replaced by a much more luxurious metallic finish, the most expensive versions.

2014 Alfa Romeo 159 Driving

2014 Alfa Romeo 159 a gasoline engine and a diesel engine, both turbochargers. The diesel is quiet and smooth, and is available in two power levels: 136 and 170 hp with front wheel drive. The most powerful and charismatic of the range is the 1.75-liter petrol engine, which has a melodic sound and draws in every relationship and career management 0-62 mph in a brisk 7.7 seconds hard. The six-speed manual transmission has a polishing action and 159 handles well in the corners, but not as balanced as its rear-drive premium rivals BMW and Mercedes, with more roll than you think.

2014 Alfa Romeo 159 reliability

2014 Alfa Romeo 159 has an impressive set of safety equipment on board, with seven airbags (and eighth option) is installed in all models, with a variety of electronic means to control wheel spin and shorten distances Brakes, five a star rating from Euro NCAP helped. Reliability is less certain, however, and there were some, the principle of solving a number of mechanical failures recalls. 2014 Alfa Romeo 159 now come without cars, unlimited three-year warranty, but it includes free roadside assistance. But the dealer network still much work to do to convince buyers who have changed their habits.

2014 Alfa romeo Mito White

The interior is not the 12014 Alfa Romeo 159 greatest asset, and he is behind most of its competitors when it comes to functionality. PERT alfa is behind the opening of the cover is narrow, a high load of the lip and only capable of stacking of 405 liters of luggage. Striving to penetrate the loading dock as well, and the line high starting point compromises rear visibility. The lack of space for passengers shows the age of 159 and very narrow in the back seat, head and legs, is a serious price.

2014 Alfa Romeo 159 Price

The diesel variant recently air is designed to help the Alfa Romeo 159 sales in 2014 to improve the fleet and is currently the cleanest and most fuel-efficient engine in the range, returning 55.4mpg and 134g/km. Most competitors Alfa can beat that by a considerable margin, and the turbo-petrol is highly inefficient, 184g/km emissions and management 35 years, the consumption of fuel. To allay the fears of the owner, Alpha also comes with cars, unlimited three-year warranty. Alfa Romeo 159 Other operating expenses in 2014 should be less than the most prestigious brands in Germany.