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The Acura TSX is an entry level luxury car built by Acura. April 2004 as a model launched in 2003, it is only in the United States and Canada, but in Mexico it is available for the 2009 model year. This is in Guam and Puerto Rico. It’s North America Acura luxury brand, Acura’s 4-door, entry-level sedan when the Integra sedan sold supplement sold under the 200 was discontinued. The Acura TSX, RSX will replace the United States as well as in the long term. From 2013 to 2008, TSX smallest vehicle in the Acura model range, the Civic-based CSX sold only in Canada. In 2013, a small ILX in the USA and Canada, based on the Civic platform. All TSXs Sayama, Saitama, Japan is created.

TSX badge CL-series Accord (also known as the European Accord or JDM Accord), Europe, Japan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand from the sale ENGINEERED. TSX first European Accord when it was introduced in a revised interior and different suspension was temporary, but the interior for 2008 is now standardized for all three markets. CL-series in Australia and New Zealand, small, mid-size bracket, where the American market Accord is sold as the Euro Accord sold in the large car category. TSX in North America, Mid-size luxury Acura TL, which is based on the U.S. Market Accord sales. Accord Euro 2009 in China, where it is built by Dongfeng Honda at the end of the innings, and is known as the Honda Spirior.

Acura TSX First Generation

Experimental Sportscar travel, Acura TSX 2003 North American International Auto Show launched as a production model. 2004 model year TSX’s 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine with an engine, a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive layout exists. A five-speed automatic transmission was a no-cost option in the USA based on MSRP, but such was not the case in Canada.

Since 2005, the second year of the TSX and Acura Satellite xm radio, a four-way power passenger seat and it will be updated with the steering wheel-mounted illuminated audio and cruise control. And revised wheels; 2006 TSX engine too small adjustment, a slightly sportier exterior styling with a new front and rear treatment, standard side skirts, and standard, integral fog lamps are integrated with the update. Technical characteristics of the inside of the instrument panel, a multi-information display, and a driver’s seat of this type of integration, auxiliary MP3 player input and Bluetooth – compatible Handsfree Link as memory space for two with luxury features are added. In 2007, tires and Monitoring system and an improved electronic rear view mirror, and 2008 model year adds a new color option available.

Acura TSX Second Generation

A completely redesigned 2009 Acura TSX 2008 New York International Auto Show April 11, 2008 debut. The 2009 TSX is larger in terms of the size of its predecessor. The new TSX is a larger width of 3.0 inches, 2.6 inches wider track as a TSX and has a 1.3 inch longer wheelbase, also grew in length and 2.4 inches. Acura also a “sports car” Fall 2010 issue of the TSX wagon is a 2011 model as the I4 engine and 5-speed automatic is only available with.

The 2009 TSX was released on July 16, 2008. The new TSX is Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering body in its debut for revenue structure, which is designed to reduce accident impact on passengers. United States, TSX leather seat upholstery comes standard with features like luxurious, dual-zone climate control, power driver’s seat with memory, Sunroof, Xenon headlights, and a USB port music interface with this configuration to Canada “if it is known to be added to the premium package “The cloth seats provide a base four-cylinder TSX and with a halogen headlight trim, and remove USB connector, memory seat function, fog and light. The Acura TSX is an optional technology package, a navigation system with real-time traffic and weather, and a 10-speaker DVD audio capabilities include premium audio system.

Acura TSX Third Generation

There are currently no plans for third generation TSX models. Both are rumors that the Acura TSX and Acura TL to create a new all may come to a stop until the “TLX.” These vehicles have three letters of the name of the new strategy will be to go online. Acura TL TLX jobs and shrink in size when they change phase TSX V6 is a limited production potential of the form. In addition, Acura 2013 Acura ILX and released their lineup for more than an entry-level luxury sedan would not have had. It will replace the Acura ILX TSX mentioned that it is at least the end of 2013 will complement it.

 Racing Acura TSX

RealTime Racing SCCA Pro Racing Photos Challenge GTS class competes in a mill prepares TSX. TSX to be stiffer and lighter factory refashioned, and increase the compression engine to work, and a custom-built sequential gearbox. In 2005, the RTR TSX, Acura traveling with the class, as well as Peter Cunningham Drivers Championship Constructors Championship. Acura in 2006 and came back for the second year in a row, the speed of Photos Challenge touring car class manufacturers championships won both TSXs run RSX. The 3rd and 4th in the TSX driver championship in the end. More success followed as Pierre Kleinubing 2007 Championship, and it was accepted by Peter Cunningham 2008. Drive for RTR in 2009 is Peter Cunningham, Pierre Kleinubing Toby Grahovic, Kuno Wittmer, Courtney and Jeff.

Acura TSX 2009

Acura TSX 2009