BMW Unveils Puny Electric Police Car

September 14th, 2015 | 0 Comments | News

The perception of a small, electric-powered BMW police car red lights is really going to instill fear in the hearts of the criminals the city. Although on Friday, the Los Angeles Police Department showed off a new member of its vehicles, a black-and-white BMW i3, a small electric car meant for tooling around downtowns, not really a piece of high-speed freeway chase. BMW is loaning the cruiser and not so intimidating police the power to year as part of a desire to Mayor Eric Garcetti to get more electric or plug-in vehicles into the fleet of the city.

“Today, we take another step to becoming the most sustainable city in America,” said Garcetti words ready. “This year, Los Angeles will become the home owned by the city-the largest pure battery electric vehicles anywhere in the country, and we will save taxpayer dollars.”

Los Angeles Police BMW Electric Car

Los Angeles Police Electric Car

Police department, and fire, common services, and water and energy, and will hire a total of 160 electric cars. 2 departments, services and water and energy in general, will hire a total of 128 plug-in hybrids. This action can be a benefit to car-makers, including BMW, where you need to sell cars and zero-emission to under the authority of the state. But gas prices are lower and the low-range electric vehicles out of favor, cars and clean and it was a tough sell and the buyers. BMW is thrilled at step L.A.

“The opinion of the Los Angeles Police Department to make this assessment feature an interesting kind of the BMW i3 as a talented, feasible car,” said Christine Fleischer, head of the BMW plug-in vehicles in the US “The i3 competent and brilliant technology-driven research and the philosophy of the LAPD.” Although it is not very fast and the range per charge is limited, the BMW i3 has a small turning circle will help talking around LA.

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