Mustang Shelby 2013 Horsepower

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Mustang Shelby 2013 Horsepower – Ford Mustang Shelby American Shelby Mustang created by the 1970’s through the 1965’s performance is optional. After the launch of the fifth generation Ford Mustang Shelby nameplate revived in 2007 for a new high-mustang performance version.  1965-1966 cars was the smallest GT 350 models and lightest. This vehicle is often called “Cobras”, which at the same time, the Ford-powered AC two-seat sports car also produced by Shelby American.

Cobra symbol of both models, similar to the paint scheme, and optional “Cobra” valve which was a Shelby GT350s marketing tie-in, as well as one of his iconic symbols are used throughout. All 1965-1966 cars in the K-Code 271 hp 289 Cu, producing 306 hp. Marketing literature referred to this engine Cobra hi-riser “due to a high-riser intake manifold to decimal, a stock with a 4-speed manual Beginning as a mustang, car Shelby American, where they are sold high-riser manifolds, their stock Ford Falcon behind heavy. law Ford Galaxie rear axles to replace the axles with the living, and the large, metallic-lined rear drum and Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes provide.

1965 G.T. 350 is built for comfort or ease of driving. Less than 30 “GT 350R” race car features designed specifically to be used for SCCA competition rules. 1966 G.T. 350 comfortable driver rear seats, optional color, and an optional automatic transmission improvements include more features. This trend in the next year for additional features cars are getting bigger, heavier and more comfortable, while losing much of their competitiveness in the process. 1969 G.T. 350s and 500s was originally a stock Mustang to change the styling. Carroll Shelby 1969 Shelby GT around what is involved in the program, and design – it is the home of the Ford.

Mustang Shelby GT-H and GT (2006-2007)

2006 New York Auto Show Ford Shelby Mustang GT-H version at launch. Like the original 1966 GT350H GT-H featured gold on black color and the hertz car rental agencies are available. A decent regular Mustang GT V -8 engine powers all at once. Ford Racing Performance Group FR1 Power Pack is not available in Shelby Mustang GT POWERTRAIN an additional torque of 10 ft with 25 horsepower.

The package is a 90mm Cold Air kit, a muffler, a new X-Pipe and Ford Racing “GTA” axle back to the mufflers. Ford Shelby GT-H Ford Racing handling pack is also included, which is noted with dampers, springs is reduced, bars, strut tower brace and a Ford Racing 3.55:1 ratio rear axle assembly vibration. The car’s 500’s 40 th anniversary celebration of the original Shelby GT350H was created.  For 2007, the GT H-hertz rental convertible version offered. This time convertibles with a custom light bar reminiscent of 1968 Shelby Mustang convertibles.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2007-2009)

For the 2007 model year with the Shelby GT500 Shelby and Ford returned. 2005 New York International Auto Show introduced GT500 uses a 5.4 L Modular 500 V8 supercharged hp. Features Tremec TR-6060 6 speed manual transmission, suspension tuning, a body kit and 18-inch tires included.

Carroll Shelby and Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, a collaboration GT500 Ford’s Flat Rock, Michigan assembly line facility for three years, produced in limited quantities. Ford’s Special Vehicle Team has a GT500 Saleen small series, S / C released. This car was a 5.4L engine and a 3.55:1 final drive is equipped with. 500 hp and 480 pounds GT500 6000 rpm · 4500 rpm-feet of torque at her.

Mustang Prudhomme Edition Super Snake (2009)

This is a limited drag racing package for 2007-2010 Ford Shelby GT500 cars, named after Don Prudhomme. The engine on race fuel or 800 hp on 93 octane pump gas 750 hp rated. This is a Whipple supercharger and modified air intake stick out of the slope in front of the hood’s a five-point Impact safety harness and a Borla side exhaust system, front and rear adjustable BMR racing suspension and optional street tires, side lower rockers include drag tires are included. Prudhomme concept car went on sale in 2009 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction.  the car will be sold with a winning bid was $ 275,000 U.S..

2011-2012 Mustang Shelby GT350

Coincide with the 1965 Shelby GT350’s 45th anniversary, Shelby American skatasadela Barrett-Jackson auction in AZ opening night gala open in a new GT350 Mustang. Concept form, the new GT350 features a brand new 5.0 liter 2011 Mustang GT V8 engine in a Ford Racing, Borla, Cragar, Baer and more of upgrading performance supercharged version.

Shelby Mustang Shelby GT350 is a post title is taken from the upgrade. Customers are 2011 Mustangs converted to Shelby’s Las Vegas facility or themselves directly selling car. Automatic is a natural aspirated 440 horsepower tune-up to production can be available for conversion, and manual or a Ford Racing supercharger can AFTER 525 horsepower, or warranty costs, 624 horsepower, a Ford Racing suspension system of production will be equipped , front and back Optional Baer brakes, exterior, custom Borla exhaust system, 19 “Cragar oil, and much more. Shelby fits a new front fascia, front splitter, functional hood scoop, functional brake cooling ducts, tail Light, ready, rear deck lid filler panels, and a rear fascia with center exhaust exit. soldier Performance White racing stripes blue color combination is available only for the 2011-model as 2012-models will be available in other colors, but the 2011 45th anniversary lose weapon.

2013 Mustang Shelby GT500

First at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2011 unveiled 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 the most powerful Mustang ever. 351 cubic inch supercharged V8 engine with 662 bhp and torque of 631 pounds-m, and 202 kilometers per hour over the speed of a claim. The new GT500 weighs 3850 pounds, and was available in May 2012.

Mustang Shelby 68

Mustang Shelby 68 

2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 2012 development and comparison of different models, including a new front-end sheet metal with HID headlamps are standard, including a new LED tail light assembly. The new 2013 Shelby GT500 is also a grill, cooler because of the large amount needed for the car. Change Performance twin fuel pump, larger fuel injectors, a grippier and larger diameter clutch, a big fan, a 3-row inter-cooler, a beefed-up Tremec 6060 six-speed internal oil pump, and includes a single piece of carbon fiber drive-shaft. A larger Brembo six-piston calipers, reinforced tube, and aero tweaks help the car reach 200 + miles disc brake safely. Ford says 14 percent reduction in drag and a change to a front-end down-force in the 66 percent increase in addition, a larger front anti-roll bar new for 2013 and retuned springs. Introducing an rpm-adjustable electronic control function standard, four-mode electronic stability control.

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