2014 Ford Mustang Sedan

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2014 Ford Mustang Sedan – In a move to get praise from fans of muscle cars with kids, and maybe even giant car purists protest with a preference for cut-Ford Motor Company announced its intention to introduce sedan variant of the Ford Mustang. With sales of its rivals, especially the Chevrolet Camaro, to participate in the Ford pony car segment eat the Dearborn a radically new approach, the introduction of this offer, with 4 doors in 2014 decided.

The battle rages between Ford and Chevy horses recently led to the Ford Mustang GT500 650 hp and 550 hp Camaro ZL1. On the New York Auto Show 2012 Ford Mustang 1000 HP of the 1000 Shelby will be presented. Although this type of weapon is for drag-strip figures, these speed machines only a small part of the production of revenue.

Representative explained that the addition of two doors, the Mustang easy to use, and his broad back seat is to use a new type of buyer. The advantage, at least from the point of view of Ford, will be a significant increase in sales for the production ‘Stang. Although the Mustang is not a product of very specific niche for the fans, the new Mustang sedan many of the same performance as its coupe brother.

Although this prototype has the appearance of Boss 302 production models is stronger imitate the look of the standard Mustang. The mechanics are not confirmed, but we can assume that the base engine is the 305 hp 3.7-liter V-6 found in the coupe and convertible Mustang same. A 412 hp 5.0-liter V-8 is optional, and the buyer will have a choice of 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

the balance of ride and handling characteristics definitely draw comfort, if only to increase the expected duration of weight gain. The sedan Ford Mustang 2014 about 11 inches longer than the coupe, but the extra length is set by shorter front doors and significantly revised C-pillar.

2014 Mustang Sedan Release Date

2014 Mustang Sedan Release Date

During a Boss 302 sedan and the photo is not as likely, Ford officials have confirmed that more changes could be in store for the Mustang.

2014 Mustang Sedan Performance

2014 Mustang Sedan Performance

2014 Ford Mustang Sedan Performance

Reader hybrid variant, or maybe even a diesel version could be introduced to increase further if Mustang sad news is the energy efficiency. The move may drastically, but more stringent fuel economy could muscle cars and pony car market to force more into uncharted territory. And think about all this time.

2014 Mustang Sedan Facelift

2014 Mustang Sedan Facelift

2014 Ford Mustang Sedan Auto Show

Look for the sedan Ford Mustang 2014 to make an appearance later this year, probably during the auto show in Los Angeles, Detroit or early 2013. Sales will begin next year, with pricing to be announced closer to the time of sale.

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